Face Reading

The world feels like a better place when we receive a compliment. Everything looks immaculate and all the work seems effortless. Moreover, most of these compliments are for our faces. The Human face is an intriguing yet alluring element of the body. As it can act as a portal to one’s character. Face Reading, Physiognomy, and even Personology are ancient practices popularised by China.


It can be a complex thing if you look at it loosely. However, if mastered face reading astrology, this can help you with job hunting, marriage, or just randomly knowing someone.


Face Reading Vedic astrology nowadays focuses more on science than psychic abilities possessed by a person. But, popular belief says that face reading primarily centres around the spiritual and psychic nature. However, there has been more emphasis made on the aesthetics of face reading than the science. Moreover, to master this skill, one must know how to decipher a face well, and today we will talk about just that!


Types of faces:-

1.Round faces
2.Oval faces
3.Triangular faces
4.Square faces
5.Heart faces
6.Diamond faces
7.Oblong faces
8.Rectangular faces
9.Inverted Triangle faces

In face reading, the first impression is the most important one. Each facial feature has a unique property. For instance, a square-shaped face indicates that the person will be more practical, the one with an oval face may be sensitive, a person with rectangular face may be ambitious, and a round-faced person may be easy going. Face reading helps you to explain an individual’s characteristics.

Varahamihira, the luminary of Hindu Vedic astrology divulged unique and somewhat novel techniques to gauge the character and future events of people. His great work, Brihat Samhita, though appearing odd in its presentation, offers valuable insights into such things as moles, lines and the face and the bodily ratios of limbs