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Medical Astrology – Predictions of Diseases
Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign from the Aries. It is a mental sign and this is the primary sign to be considered while dealing with the query of diseases. Virgo means Virgin. Virgin is the male or female who has no sexual connection and who is chaste, pure and unadulterated.


The health is perfectly maintained when all the chemical constituents of the blood are present in normal quantities. In Mundane Astrology also, if the Virgo sign is afflicted by the conjunction or aspect of a malefic planet, then the whole world must suffer from ill health and diseases of some sort or the other.


As per Astrological nomenclature, Virgo is referred to as the sign representing sickness. Mind has tremendous influence on health. When mind is affected, physical body also suffers. When the Sun enters Virgo every year, public health suffers from indigestion and intestinal troubles. The solar plexus is related to feeling and sensation.

In predicting the disease, the first step is to judge the zodiac sign virgo, then the 6th house from the Ascendant as the 6th house rules intestinal and digestive organs. The other factors to be considered for predicting the diseases are :

  1. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fiery signs and control the vitality of the person.
  2. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earthly signs and control the bones and flesh of the person.
  3. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are windy signs and they govern the breath of the person.
  4. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the watery signs and they rule the human blood.
  5. Head, Face, heart, back, hips and thighs are fiery in nature.
  6. Throat bowel and neck are earthly in nature.
  7. Lungs, kidney and blood are airy in nature.
  8. Stomach, digestive, excretory and lymphatic systems are watery in nature.


How Medical Astrology can help predict the diseases & health of a person
Vedic Astrology has stood many tests of time ever since the great sage Bhrigu introduced this divine knowledge, which can forecasts the events based on the influence of the heavenly bodies on us. Forecasting Health and Disease from the Horoscope of a native Vedic Astrology is a great tool My Angel Numbers, wherein an experienced and learned Astrologer can see what disease the native is suffering from or is likely to suffer from. The Astrologer need not be a medical expert or for that matter he may not be able to name the disease in particular. But the Astrologer can certainly pin point what system or organ of the human body is vulnarable or is likely to be affected seriously