What is palmistry?

Palmistry is an art of reading the lines of the palm. These lines are the tool which a palmist uses for his predictions. The flow of the lines and where they are intersecting gives him an idea about the person sitting in front of him. His personality, good and bad phases, and his future. A person must have completed training to achieve efficiency in it.


How it works?

Palmistry is the ancient Vedic science of interpreting the lines and undulation on the palm of one’s hand to predict the future. It involves the fine study of the palm lines, structure of fingers, size, color, nails, texture and size of the person’s hand. The color, shape and lines are studied in Palmistry to predict the future outcomes. The length of the fingers are used to analyze the past, present and future happenings. Sometimes, spiral imprints of the fingers in Palmistry are used to make various predictions.


Part of palmistry

There are five main lines on the palm: the life line, heart line (also called love line), money line (also called the fate line), head line, and marriage line. Different lines correspond with different traits.

1. Life line: health and physical vitality
2. Heart line: love and emotion
3. Money line: career and fortune
4. Head line: intelligence and mentality
5. Marriage line: married life and relationships