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If you are going to start your new business or you are already running a business or you are just curious to know whether self-employed or service is better you, this business astrology report is meant for you. Our astrologers will analyze complete planetary positions in your horoscope to figure out exact picture of your business and financial position.


Astrologically, if 5 or more planets are in six houses from 7th to 12th or 10th to 3rd, the native is likely to be self-employed. ‘At this stage I would like to give you only one ‘modification’ of the thumb rule: ‘The thumb rule may not make one to be self employed if functionally unfavorable Saturn influence is found on the Moon or the 10th lord or the 10th house or the Lagna or the Lagna lord.’


In any normal analysis of a horoscope we would take Lagna, Lagna lord, the tenth house and the tenth lord; Nakshatras and Dashas, particularly yoga karaka — a three fold analysis.

Placement of Saturn in one’s horoscope plays a very important role in terms of decision i.e., business or service. Hence, add to these Saturn’s rule, which in modern terms should be called positive or negative. If Saturn is well placed and it is elevated in horoscope, it will give self-employment with very good success and if it is weak or not well placed, it would be hard to have a successful business, therefore one should consider service.


Can Vedic Astrology be used to predict Success in Business?
This question has a two part answer : the first is applying the principles of astrology to a business as a separate entity and the second is the analysis of your own astrology birth chart for indications of success in the business area.


Since we usually think of Vedic Astrology as a tool for understanding ourselves and foretelling our personal future, the idea of using astrology for predicting for a business may sound a bit odd. But really astrology can be applied to any born entity for which we can create a Birth Chart. Thus the first problem is determining when, exactly, is a business born?


The ancient texts indicate it is “When the Doors are Opened for Business.” Of course this applies to a traditional brick & mortar shop. These days, businesses are just as likely to exist on the non-material level: the INTERNET. Still, the traditional idea of “the first day of business” can be applied, i.e., when you are first able to take an order over the internet, your business is born. An astrology birth chart is then created for that date and time, with the location figured for where the owner is sitting at the computer or laptop. It is even possible to deliberately chose the business’s birth date and time beforehand so that the potential for success is enhanced, this is done via a special technique used in Vedic Astrology, called Muhurta.


The principles of analysis used for determining success in a personal chart work equally well for a business. It is best if the Natural Benefic planets, namely Jupiter and Venus, are strongly placed in the chart. The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses are the strongest positions. The planet whose intrinsic quality most represents the nature of the business should also be strong. For example, if the business involves data and information, Mercury needs to be powerful. For a business that involves art or luxury products, Venus needs to be strong. An advertising or promotional business should have a strongly placed Jupiter. Likewise, it is detrimental to have weak planets, or planets that cause problems, in important positions. Saturn is the planet of Hardship and Delay. If Saturn is placed such that it influences the benefic planets, then success becomes that much harder or takes longer to achieve.


For predictions, the usual timing techniques of Vedic Astrology work quite well for business charts. The patterns formed by the transiting planets, relative to the natal positions, are especially useful. The 10th house being specifically connected with Success, any planet transiting this part of the chart will bring events that relate to business activity. Jupiter represents the energy of Increase; its transit will bring an expansion of the business. Saturn’s transit, if favorable, brings more hard work and responsibility. Rahu transiting in the 10th house brings innovation and transformation.


The other way to predict success is through your own birth chart. Certain astrological patterns help to create success in ones own business. A strong emphasis on Fire Signs, or prominent placement of a fiery planet like Mars or the Sun, indicates force of will and the ability to be the person in charge. Along with this comes the willingness to deal with Competition and Uncertainty. Being able to compete with other businesses is of course essential. If there are indications of weakness in a natal chart, such as a weak Ascendant ruler, it is more likely that you prefer the security and stability of a regular paycheck, and having your own business is not for you. In order to succeed on your own, your birth chart must have strong, dynamic planets.


The point of being in business is to make money. Analyzing an astrology chart for the source of income is another way to discover whether being in business would be appropriated or not. As compared to the 2nd house, which represents the weekly paycheck, the 11th house is Profits and thus more connected to the operation of a business. Therefore it is important to have a strong planet in the 11th house, or to have the ruler of the sign of the 11th house well disposed in the chart. The 7th house is partners and clients. A connection between the 7th house and the 2nd or 11th houses indicates income from partnership, and /or through clients. Even if your personal qualities are weak for entrepreneurship, there is still the possibility of teaming up with someone. Strong positive conditions in the 7th house of Partnership can lead to a successful business by joining forces with another person. The 5th house is speculation and investments. A well-fortified 5th house gives the potential for deriving income from starting new enterprises.


Other sectors of the birth chart can give a boost for success in business. The planet ruling the sign in the 9th house represents Good Fortune. Therefore a connection between your 9th house ruler and the 10th house or its ruler helps insure success. People who are successful in business often have a powerful 12th house. Being the house of loss, this at first sounds contradictory. The 12th house signifies “the Unknown.” Thus the 12th house is unknown people, and unknown places. Good planets in the 12th house of a chart indicate benefitting from those who you don’t personally know who may be in distant places, a combination good for a business with a far-flung clients. This would especially be true for an internet-based business.