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In case of astrology forecast order: A forecast order can be canceled and money can be refunded if no forecast is given within one week. No refund is possible after the forecast is given. The astrology principles given by the ancient Rishis are great but their interpretation by the astrologer may not always be correct due to the complexity of multiple principles and the changed times. Hence no refunds for forecasts if they do not come true and we advise you to take forecasts as a broad guideline and do not depend on them totally.

In case of astrology course order: It can be cancelled with a full refund before the start of the course. However, after the course starts no refund is possible.

In case of products supplied: Products are shipped within one week of ordering normally by courier and in case of non-availability/delay one will be intimated and a mutually agreeable accord can be reached.

If found defective or damaged in transit it can be returned within 7 days and a full refund will be issued.

Returning charges to be borne by the returnee.

We supply 100% genuine products and if the genuineness is disputed it should be tested by an authentic laboratory. Disputing the authenticity just because ones friend or a temple priest says it is fake is not accepted.

Before returning we should be advised and a return approval should be taken.

Refund will be issued after we receive the goods.

If the address provided is wrong or if one is continuously absent during the courier delivery period any additional expenses incurred to ship the item a second time should be borne by the client.

Note: Please note that money paid for Pooja services will not be refunded.